Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - First Day of Spring Edition

It's the first day of spring and I have a lot of great things on the horizon! A couple of big trips and vacations I'm excited about and one really big step for me and my guy at the end of next month! :) But here are a few things that I love from this week:

1. I got new glasses this week (see pic above) and I absolutely love them! They have a little more personality than I originally thought I would want, but after getting some feedback from my co-workers and friends, the response seemed to be unanimous: YES! The new sassy glasses are making me want to get a new sassy tattoo!

Here are some more things I love from this week:

2. These videos made me laugh so hard, both during the original Daily Show episode, and the others that were added to this website. I literally spit my lunch right out of my mouth while watching this one:

...and this one:

3. I ordered these flats and I can't wait to wear them this spring:

4. I learned about this little nifty trick to replace the soles of your flats! I've been buying a new pair of black and brown standard flats every year because, well, let's be honest, they usually smell by the time the weather starts to turn cold. I'm going to try this out!

5. Game nights with friends where I get to try out new recipes on my other foodie friends. We're just a classy bunch of kids getting together to play some Settlers of Catan (can't wait to try it), having a few drinks and eating some fancy food. I'm going to try my hand at making some delicious and healthy munchies. Recipes to follow!

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